About This Project




The ephemeral pavilion Terrarium rises on a staircase facing the Santa Lucía River and acts as an extension of the museum’s square. The orthogonal shape of the exterior, open only towards the main façade, dissolves through the curved interior walls, which guide the viewer across an intense sensory journey. The floral intervention, as well as the landscape design, contrast in a meaningful way with the vegetation present in the city.


Designed for FYJA as part of the 2019 Santa Lucía International Festival in Monterrey, Terrarium was open from October 29 to November 3, 2019.





Terrarium from Luis Young on Vimeo.



In collaboration with Ana Nuño de Buen
Location: Museum of Mexican History square, Monterrey (MX)
Year: 2019


Floral design: Flores Cosmos
Landscape: Huatan
Ilumination design: Circadia
Structural design (roof): Eric Valdez Olmedo
Production: FYJA en el Festival de Santa Lucía 2019
Photos: Luis Young

Arquitectura Inglés