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Piña colada

The piece presented was produced with a polystyrene mold (useful for four columns), which allows the combination of base, shaft and capital as desired.

This system is based on the conversion of an artisan element into an industrial one, with all the economic benefits that this implies, besides, it also has an additional aesthetic value; the reproduction of the image of classical architecture as a symbol of elegance and economic status.

“Piña colada” seeks to contrast the structural origin with the merely ornamental use of this element, through the decomposition of organic material, that reveals the negative spaces that weaken its structural capacity.

Column cast with concrete and pineapples
Overall dimensions: 2.44m x 0.30m – Approximate weight: 450 kg




In collaboration with: Ana Nuño de Buen
Location: Mexico City (MX)
Year: 2019
Nada sobra, Abierto Mexicano de Diseño.

Arquitectura Inglés